Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Physiology Graduate Program!

Physiology is an integrative area in the biological sciences that employs a systems-based approach. It is important for students to integrate information about the entire biological system from across all the biological-related sciences.

In June 2013, US News and World Report listed NC State as the No. 1 land-grant and No. 7 overall among public, national colleges and universities granting the largest percentage of bachelor’s degrees in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  That article is linked hereThis link will open in a new window.  

The Interdisciplinary Physiology Graduate Program at NC State University provides a wide-range of opportunities to help students reach their goals, whether they pertain to Biological Research or health-related professional school admission.  The Physiology Graduate Program at NC State serves the pre-health population as an "academic enhancement" program.  For a wonderfully detailed and informative explanation of Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Professional Programs, please see the following websiteThis link will open in a new window.  The ability to custom-tailor your degree program with courses that interest you and apply directly to your specific needs are part of what makes this graduate program unique and valuable in the current job market.  

The Physiology Graduate Program offers two different degrees:

Successful completion of any of these three degree programs leads our graduates to new and exciting possibilities.  

Our Master of Physiology program is a non-thesis degree and serves to prepare students to improve their academic credentials before applying to professional school, while also advancing their knowledge in the subject of Physiology.  Many of the graduates of our Masters (non-thesis) program go on to study in Medical and DO Programs, Veterinary Medical Program, Dental Programs, Nursing Programs, Physician's Assistant Programs, Pharmacy Programs or Physical Therapy as well as many other pursuits.  Given the integrative nature of Physiology, and the flexibility of the Degree Program; some students enroll to broaden their knowledge and critical thinking skills and to expand their career opportunities.    

Many MS (thesis) students pursue these degrees because they love research and after participating in this program, many have gone on to have successful careers in the Biomedical and Biotechnology fields, among others.  And since the Research Triangle Park is just a short drive from Raleigh, many students find great jobs close to home in a beautiful area of North Carolina.

Regardless of your future goals, Physiology has much to offer every student entering this program. Our flexible scheduling and expert team of advisors provide a unique experience for students of various backgrounds and interests.

Thank you again for visiting and we hope that you will find our website informative and relevant.