Graduate Testimonials

I had a fantastic experience in the program and learned some extremely beneficial things in the courses I took that will carry me forward to excel in dental school as well. – Class of 2020 Dental Student, University of Michigan


My ultimate goal before Physiology was to go to medical school, and this was a great way to strengthen my background in the sciences make me a more competitive med school candidate. This program has certainly prepared me for next year and I will highly recommend it for anyone interested in pursing a pre-health career. Thank you! – Class of 2020 Medical Student, Wake Forest University


Overall, I have enjoyed my experience in the Physiology Program. The program provided me the necessary skills and opportunities to enhance my academic credentials and strengthened my resume to gain acceptance into a medical school program. – Class of 2020 Medical Student, ECU, Brody School of Medicine


The Physiology program was a MAJOR help for me in my current endeavors. I am currently a student in the Methodist University Physician Assistant Program. The classes I took while I was in the program have helped me be successful so far.– Class of 2018 Physician Assistant Student, Methodist University


The NC State’s Master’s of Physiology Program gave me the freedom to take the classes that I needed to get into my doctoral program.  Many of my classmates were Pre-Med and Pre-Vet students, PhD applicants, and Biotech-focused students looking to expand their knowledge of biological systems from a new perspective.  The program’s malleability is its strongest asset.  There are only a few core courses to take, so you can use the remaining hours to get exactly what you want out of the program. – Class of 2017 DVM Student, NC State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine


When I heard a friend talking about the Master of Physiology program at NC State, I did some research and it turned out to be the perfect fit. I was happy to finally find a program that would allow me to earn a Master’s Degree while also strengthening my application for medical school. The MCAT was my weakness in undergrad and after a semester in the MOP program, I retook it and my score increased substantially. The challenging classes I took in the MOP program will definitely be a great foundation for what I will be studying as an M1 in the fall at The Brody School of Medicine at ECU. – Class of 2017 Medical Student, ECU Brody School of Medicine