Graduate Certificates & Minors

There are ten credits of Degree Requirements for this program, making it easy to complete a graduate certificate program as part of your Physiology Masters or PhD Degree.  Gaining an additional skill set is a fantastic way to improve your credentials for the evolving job market.

Please see the Graduate School Website for additional details on certificate programs.

Here is a list of some popular certificate programs open to Physiology Program Students in the Non-Thesis Degree:

Minors for MS Students

Students pursuing the MS degree are required to select a minor. Minors are chosen from another graduate program of interest. Minors can also be obtained for a MS degree. Possible minors for Physiology MS students include but are not limited to:

Physiology Minor for MS and PhD students at NC State University

Minor representative must be from the Physiology Faculty and the representative must be identified before the preliminary exam and the Minor representative must participate in the preliminary examination (as well as the final examination).
Minor Course Requirements:
Physiology 503
Physiology 504
Biochemistry 553
Additional courses must come from outside the major graduate program for a grand total of 12 credit hours toward the Interdisciplinary Physiology Minor program.